What do you mean “we”?

It’s old…it’s not PC…but here you go:

The LoneRanger & Tonto are riding down into a box canyon.

  • At the far end, the LoneRanger notices an army of Comanche Indians, in full war-paint, frowning down from the cliff walls at him.
  • Turning to his left he notices a great number of very mad looking Arapaho Indians staring down.
  • On his right he observes a host of Cherokee Indians peering at him over the rim of the canyon.
  • Looking behind, he sees every Apache brave in the world slowly creeping into the canyon, blocking the exit.

The LoneRanger turns to Tonto and says, “We’re in a heap of trouble, Tonto!”

Tonto’s reply,

What do you mean ‘we’, pale-face?