The story of TomTom

On Friday, November 15, 2019, my girlfriend’s sister was in town. So the 3 of us were going to meet up at Egan’s in Montclair.

I got off my train from NYC a bit early…so I was at the bar…talking with friends…waiting for the girls.

All of a sudden, the sister comes in and says “Josh: You know the bartender, right? Megan is outside. She found a kitten…so can you get some cheese?”

I flag down Stuart the barkeep…who obliged with a small cup of parmesean…and off went Connie.

An hour or passes…and then the two sisters reappear: we brought the cat to your house…just for now.

Sidebar: Megan has 3 dogs and 2 cats…so I thought just for now meant just for now…and that the new cat would join her family.

After dinner, we went to my apartment…where I met a bowl-legged skinny kitten with weird posture, some discoloring around his nose…and a gash in its neck (you can somewhat see all of this in the picture).

He (we learned later he was a he) makes a squeaky noise that doesn’t really pass for a meow.

But cute as a button and very friendly. He’s mine now.