How Do I Do Facebook? It’s pretty simple.

Took me 13 years, but I got this down

When people comment on my posts:

95% of the time I do reply, it’s with a Like and one of these:
Dude | This Guy | A Challenger Emerges | From your Lips to God’s Ears

The Annual Cycle of Posts I Make

  • New Year’s Day
    • A joke about my New Year’s Resolution being 1280 × 1024
    • This cartoon about still writing “BC” on all my checks
  • Super Bowl Sunday – Joan Rivers tweet
  • St. Patrick Day – Erin Go Brawl!
  • Easter – Some version of Were you there?
  • Christmas – Isaiah 9:5
  • Two bittersweet other days
    • My first daughter’s birthday
    • The anniversary of the day she died
      For both, it’s Wish you were here